Bringing People Together for 16 Years!
Bringing People Together for 16 Years!
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Due to the sheer numbers of people asking to interview the celebrities, and the large percentage of them that truly are not members of the press, the following is posted for your convenience.

Some celebrities receive 20 plus requests a day for interviews at the convention so you can understand why they will usually say "no" to such requests. Everyone believes that their interview is more important than the others, but the celebrities cannot spend three full days doing nothing but interviews. 

* Anyone who wants to interview a celebrity during the event needs to get permission from the celebrity. The convention does not grant permission for interviews. Interviews are at the discretion of the celebrity. (Yes, no means no, and "yes but can we do the interview at such and such time" is literal.) 

* Thou shalt not ask inappropriate questions at the convention during a celebrity interview.

* The convention will not give out celebrity contact information. The convention organizers will have no problem passing along requests to the celebrity but it will be at the celebrity's discretion to respond.

* Members of the press can receive a free press pass provided:

   1. Valid credentials must be provided in advance.

   2. Verification of how and where the interview or convention coverage will be applied.

   3. We will only approve requests that promote the event in advance. Otherwise, there is no advantage for post-convention coverage.



In short, if you are a Baltimore television news station wanting to interview the celebrities, drop us a phone call. We will help you out.

If you are a janitor employed at a community college radio station who wants to do an interview with a celebrity, you need to ask the celebrity for permission when you are at the show. 

Thank you.