Bringing People Together for 18 Years!
Bringing People Together for 18 Years!
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If you cannot attend the convention and want a member of the convention staff to get the autograph for you, we do provide the service. 

You must agree and consent to all of the terms below. 



1. Simply fill out the form and if we have any questions, we will contact you in advance by e-mail.

2. You must include all of your information. If you give us only partial information, we will not process your order.

3. We will only charge you (a) what the celebrity charges for autographs, (b) a $10 service fee per autograph for the service we provide and (c) the exact postage cost to ship to you. 


Autograph prices for celebrities will vary between $30 to $50, depending on the celebrity. (We will not know what the price is for autographs until the weekend of the show.) 

4. All autographs will be mailed to you very protectively to ensure the post office does not damage the product. All autographs will include a complimentary convention program guide. All autographs will be mailed with a tracking number.

5. We will not charge your credit card until after the convention. In the event the celebrity is unable to attend, have no fear, we will not charge your card. (If you prefer to pay by PayPal instead of credit card, just put the words "PayPal please" where it asks you for your credit card info. If you prefer to pay by credit card over the phone, just type "phone please" where it asks you for your credit card info.)

6. There is a section on the form where you can provide specifics. If you want a photograph from a specific movie or TV program, or a specific color marker used, or a specific inscription, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. Be specific!!!! Otherwise we will make a judgment call.

6. Unless you specifically tell us you want the autographs personalized to you (or a friend), the celeb will only sign their name. Celebrities sometimes inscribe a message such as "keep smiling" or "stay cool." We let them inscribe what they want unless you specify something specific.

7. We cannot always get a photograph taken of the celebrities signing your items, but we can provide a photograph of the celebrities at the convention during the weekend for verification that they were at the show, if you request.

8. If you have something personal you want signed and not a glossy photo, you must have it in our hands no later than September 1. Please ship to: MANC, Po Box 52, Whiteford, MD 21160. 

9. If you decline the charge for any reason, we reserve the right to charge your card again with a $10 fee added. (Sorry, our credit card company now charges us a $10 fee when a customer declines a charge.) 

10. All sales are final. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail or text. We have provided this service online since 2016 and have a track record for making fans happy.