Bringing People Together for 16 Years!
Bringing People Together for 16 Years!
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For the good folks who are asking to get autographs and cannot attend the convention, please fill out the necessary information and agree to the terms and conditions.



  1. If you are mailing us something to be signed, please mail to: MANC, LLC, Po Box 52, Whiteford, MD 21160 and absolutely must arrive by Tuesday, August 17. If your item arrives after the 17th, it will be returned without a signature. Any requests by e-mail must arrive by August 10 in order for us to fulfill.
  2. You must be specific with your request. Make sure your name is spelled correctly. If you want a specific inscription, you must tell us. It will be written verbatim. If you want a photo from a specific TV show or movie, you must tell us.
  3. You must provide your full and complete mailing address.
  4. You must provide your credit card number, expiration date and your billing zip code MUST match shipping address you give us. We also need the three-digit number on the back of the card (four digits on front of American Express). If you are missing even one of these, we will not provide the service.
  5. We will charge your card exactly what the celebrity charges (which varies from one celebrity to another), plus a $5 service fee per item, plus the exact postage to ship the item protectively to you. We will only charge your card on the day we ship your item.
  6. All items will be shipped to you with extra protection and with a tracking number. For this reason, there will be no refunds if the item is damaged or lost in the mail.
  7. We will e-mail you a photograph of the celebrities signing (but not guaranteed to be your specific item) to verify they were at the event, along with the tracking number(s).
  8. Items will be mailed Wednesday or Thursday after the event.
  9. If the celebrity cancels their appearance, obviously we will not charge your card.
  10. The staff will be extremely busy and unable to e-mail, text or answer the phone over the weekend.
  11. By submitting the info you agree to these terms and understand that all sales are final.