We receive over a dozen requests for media passes every week. As it gets closer to the convention, the number of requests grow. Statistically there is not enough hours in the day during the weekend for the guest celebrities to participate in a fraction of the interview requests! This has not, however, slowed down the ever-growing number of media pass requests year after year -- including one from a man who, as it turned out, worked as a janitor at a community college radio station and felt he was qualified to request a media pass, and one from a blogger who bad-mouths the event year after year solely because he is not granted a free pass for himself and his four friends.

Media passes will not be approved by phone. As of June 1, 2018, all Media Passes must be approved in advance. 


Thank you.

Online Media Pass Application
What form of media do you represent?
Will you be promoting the event through your media in advance of the convention?
What specifically are you covering?
How many press passes do you require?


There will be no onsite press registration. All media passes must be approved in advance. 

We cannot issue any press passes after September 4. The cut-off date is firm because we cannot ensure the passes would arrive in the mail before the convention after September 4. 

As always, the issuance of a press badge is at the sole discretion of the convention promoters.

A member of the press will not represent themselves as convention staff.

Please be respectful to all attendees.

All registered members of the press must comply with the convention's code of conduct. 

A press badge cannot be exchanged or passed on to unauthorized parties.

A press badge does not grant approval or guarantee interviews with celebrities.  

All interviews are at the consent of the celebrities.

The staff of Nostalgia Con does not tolerate stunt type events, ambush interviewing or any action that could make any of our attendees/celebrities feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

A press badge is provided as a courtesy to cover the event and can be retracted at any time for any reason.

This policy concerns Media Pass/Press Pass admission access only. Subject to revision at any time.

Important: The Nostalgia Con benefits from advance publicity. Media requests with the intent of television or radio coverage after the conclusion of the event will not be approved. Media coverage that will remain on the internet for a lengthy duration following the event, thus benefiting future annual events, will be considered. 



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