The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention is a 501 non-profit organization designed to encourage and preserve our pop culture past. Among the highlights of the weekend is the annual charity auction which is held on Friday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. Attendees can bid on items autographed by Hollywood celebrities, rare one-of-a-kind merchandise, and items donated by attendees.


If you want to donate, simply bring items to the show and place the items on the auction tables in the hallway at the convention. At past events, attendees have donated comics books, DVDs, tee-shirts, posters and other items. (As of this year, we are asking people not to donate audio cassettes or VHS videos because no one seems to be bidding on them. Thank you.)


If you plan to bid on items, we suggest you bring your checkbook so you can make the check payable to "The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital." Your contribution is tax-deductable. You also can also make a donation on the St. Jude website during the auction.